Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Not The Return I Planned

Came home from Lunacon to find that kitchen sink had been left running all weekend.

Industrial dehumidifiers and fans running constantly for three days now. Thank you, homeowner's insurance! (Perhaps should place advance order for hearing aids.)

Contractor says: "You deserve a new kitchen."

I reply, "The new kitchen I deserve is waiting for me in another school district." Had planned to move, to have backup plan in case homeschooling doesn't work out. Schools in this town do not count as a backup plan.

Contents of pantry in laundry baskets on kitchen floor.

Small children find industrial equipment irresistible.

Lunacon was lovely. Great time. Gave good reading. Manifested secret superpowers as Vortex of Schmooze. Fun for whole family.

Water mitigation guys will remove fans tomorrow. Will seem so quiet, with only small children roaring. Perhaps will think in complete sentences again.
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