Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Hold That Thought

There was a post here last night, it's not your imagination. It was intended to be the first part of a dialogue with twoeleven, who has a knack for giving engaging and accessible explanations of scientific and statistical stuff. That dialogue is still going to happen, last night's post is going to come back, and best of all, twoeleven is still going to clear up some science-gone-wrong that has become entrenched urban myth. The benefit of waiting a week or so is that he'll have time to field questions, and there will probably be a bunch. So, um, sorry about that.

(Meanwhile, Gareth's new superhero identity is Embellishment Man, and Conrad is Embellishment Boy. They have the superpower of sticking decorative duct tape to inappropriate surfaces. Right now, they're running around shouting "Embellish Power!")
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