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Ask Dr. Pretentious
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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

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This journal's current main purpose is to allow me to read and comment my friends' journals. I have reason to hope that, someday not so terribly long from now, it will allow me to post updates about my novel. However, since August, the news has not changed:

Revisions creep slowly forward.

The book keeps getting better but, alas, not shorter.

The book really needs to get shorter, almost as urgently as it needs to get better.

I live in a state of perpetual gratitude to all the friends who have offered comments on previous chapter drafts.

I am especially grateful to those of you who've paid me the very high compliment of wanting to know when there will be more to read. Your encouragement has been indispensable. Your impatience with my slow pace of production has been the best possible omen of success.

I am especially apologetic to those of you who keep demanding to know what happens next, only to hear me say that what happens next will have to wait until I've polished up what happened before. Vaia's still on the run. Rildis is still at the College of Courtesans. Haldur's still got a houseful of bratty refugee cousins to look after. Mathnal's still up to no good in Miaaro. Crefiri is still trying to be a one-woman shadow government while her father gives her an ever-longer list of good reasons to poison him. Ateket is still in jail, suffering drug withdrawal. It's Ateket I feel worst for, really, because at this point I've left him in solitary confinement in a windowless cell since July. Yes, I know how it all ends, but you deserve to see it. Actually, you deserve to see it more clearly than I've yet shown it to you. Hang on. It's coming.

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