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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

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How Did It Not Occur To Me?
Somehow I didn't think to look in the usual reviews of short fiction to see if anybody noticed New Jersey's Top Ghost Tours Reviewed and Rated. Probably I had my nose to the grindstone on the Ria story. Now that The Internet Review of Science Fiction is about to suspend publication, it finally crossed my mind to check the archives and see if they'd read my story in Jim Baen's Universe. And they did!

Since non-subscribers may not be able to read the reviews, and my relatives definitely don't subscribe to The Internet Review of Science Fiction, here's the relevant bit:

Jim Griggs is working hard to get his ghost tour ready for the reviewers as the fall season approaches. The ghosts don't work for free.
"Nobody, but nobody, appreciated how hard the current economy pinched the small businessman. Time was when the ghost tour's weekly take would allow Jim to pay some high school kid to catch the rats and endure the dirty looks from the tourists."
Jim has acquired a new ghost for this Halloween tour season, a union organizer named Zelda Timmerman, but her demands are high and she knows how to lead a strike.

This is a fun read, as ghostly afflictions pile up on Jim Griggs.


Thus saith Lois Tilton, who may (or may not) be the most widely read reviewer to recommend my work so far.

So now I'll have to backtrack through all the usual short fiction review sources (there aren't that many of them) to see if anybody else noticed the Ghost Tours story.

In other news, I seem to be completely caught up on slush reading for the Trafficking in Magic anthology. Well, that won't do. Send us more manuscripts!

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