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Monday, March 22nd, 2010

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Back From Lunacon, Now On Twitter
Apparently there is a standard way to assemble a table of contents while both keeping vigil over sleeping small children and attending a science fiction convention. David and I invented it by accident, but various people who had tried to combine editing with parenting wandered by us as we spread our index cards all over the hallway floor outside the room our two families shared, and all those veteran editor/parents sighed nostalgically to see us at work. The baby monitor buzzed. The toddlers barely peeped. We two passed first and last pages of manuscripts across the hall to each other, considering transitions, adjusting the positions of our index cards when a transition could be improved. We got in a good three hours of sequence-tinkering, and now it's time for us to read the stories, start to finish, in the sequence we're very close to deciding on. We're actually on track to get final answers out to all our authors by the end of the month.

The Broad Universe group reading went beautifully, and I got to know some of my fellow broads a little bit. Gail Z. Martin knocked my socks off. My fiction To Be Read pile is pretty high right now, but her how-to The Thrifty Author's Guide to Launching Your Books Without Losing Your Mind just jumped to the top of my non-fiction TBR pile. One section has a six-month countdown to book release day, with lists of all the things that need to be done and when they need to be in place. Since I'm about six months from the anthology release date, I'd better get cracking.

Every established writer at Lunacon who mentioned Twitter called it an indispensable tool for book promotion. I've resisted a long time, dismissed Twitter as a time sink, fought to protect my writing time and anthology editing time from yet another demand by the book promotion arms race. All right, Twitter, you win! I yield! (Grumble grumble.) The penalty for holding out so long is that some other person named Sarah Avery laid claim to the username before I could get to it, so I'll be tweeting as SarahAveryBooks. I can't complain too hard, since a search on my name doesn't get me any of my usual name-doppelgangers, but instead gets me two paranormal romance feeds that link to my guest post on Paranormality. I figure I'll be learning Twitter's genre conventions for a few weeks before I try to use it in any serious way. Who of you are on Twitter? Whose tweets should I be following?

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