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Ask Dr. Pretentious
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Thursday, April 1st, 2010

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Google And My Aura-Seeing Character
I needed to check my recollection of aura anatomy, since my protagonist sees auras and I don't. One of my sources for Ria's New Age fixations discusses the hara line, which supposedly is sort of like the aura's spine: a person undergoing an intiatory death-and-rebirth experience without changing bodies may experience a shifting or splitting of the hara line, though the problem eventually rights itself when the new spiritual lessons are integrated. Okay, for purposes of fiction, I can run with that. But what does Ria think the hara line looks like while this is happening?

Googling "hara line" gets a lot of descriptions and pictures of a healthy hara line that's not doing anything exciting.

Googling "hara line shift," however, gets papers on the poet Frank O'Hara and how his poems use line breaks to shift subject, viewpoint, and attitude.

Can I just say I love this slightly fluffy poem? Oh, and here's an audio recording of Frank O'Hara reading it to a live audience.

Next time I need to fact-check this story (or, in the case of Ria's odder beliefs, fallacy-check it), I'll brave my old pile of paper books. Oh Internet, we love you, stop distracting us.

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