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Ask Dr. Pretentious
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Saturday, May 29th, 2010

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Friday Scans: Mostly Good, Some Bad
The big tumor in Zach's liver is much smaller, impressively so. The liver mass is the most dangerous one, so this shrinkage is Very Good. One of the tumors outside his liver actually got bigger, though, which might be manageable, but is not so good. The current plan: more chemo, some radio ablation, and surgery eventually, but postponed as long as reasonably possible. As Dr. Bigwig says, "If I cost you a month of life to recovering from surgery and don't buy you a year or two, it is a crime." Dr. Bigwig and Zach have beaten the odds so far--to the point of being the subject of a photo shoot because his case is big news around NIH.

Zach says:
I've won a hell of a lot of small battles, but there's still a lot of mean, ugly cancer in there. On the other hand, the good news is plentiful. I'll have the summer at the pool with the kids, no matter how covered up I have to be. I'll go on the field test for work. I'll still be able to work for the near future. My family will go on our vacation this July. I'll get to kayak by myself at 5AM through the mist on a silent, flat Adirondack lake. I won't be in the hospital for Kate's 5th birthday, and I'll have my 1-year survival party.

Thank you to everyone who's sent kind thoughts, energy, prayers, and so forth. Thank you.

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