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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

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We Didn't Expect To Do Quite This Much Nesting
Dan has demolished the front porch entirely. Rebuilding it is taking rather longer. I hope to have front steps again, maybe even before my baby is born. It would be nice to be able to use my front door as something other than a loading dock. I am inconvenienced, yes, but Dan's every moment, waking and sleeping, at the office and everywhere else, is inflected by his not having finished the project yet, and goodness knows he's working on it. Our driveway is a lumber pile, or rather, a pile of post-consumer recycled lumber-substitute molded from sawdust and old milk bottles. The stuff doesn't look like mahogany, but it's a lot more sustainable, and we'll never need to paint it. Every rain-free weekend day is a festival of power tools.

I, meanwhile, am searching for a new car. My ancient car succumbed to a cascade failure of overheating conditions, and by the time I could pull it over safely, the broken alternator belt had brought down several other systems with it--the radiator actually burst at the seams. Coolant everywhere. It happened in traffic, but no one was hurt, so I'm feeling lucky.

Test driving cars while eight months pregnant would be pretty entertaining, if it were happening to someone else and I got to watch just the highlights reel. You can picture it well enough: the five-foot-even woman with the huge pregnant belly trying to get the seat close enough to the pedals to press the brake, while trying to telescope the steering wheel far enough into the dash so that her fetus will stop punching it, with great visible seismic punches, through her tentlike maternity clothes. My general policy is, if I can feel the baby punching the steering wheel but I still can't get the gas pedal all the way down, I'm in the wrong car. You'd be amazed at the efforts some salespeople have gone to despite the ergonomic impossibility of my driving some of those cars off the lot.

The various writing and editing projects do still creep along, though the total collapse of my car has been a major time sink. Whenever I'm not looking, my brain works on a lovely blog post about cognitive science, teaching methods, and query letters. If I ever have front steps or a non-rental car again, I'd love to tell you all about it.

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