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August 2010 - dr_pretentious
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by dr_pretentious:

03:24 am: Children's Books Don't Age Well, or, It's My Own Damn Fault My Toddler Is Now Fascinated With Guns - 3 comments

11:56 pm: “The number of rancid butter sculptures in the U.S. is probably not significant.”

12:33 am: Zach Update: Important Scans Thursday and Friday, Livestrong Challenge Ride Saturday - 5 comments
01:27 am: If My Pregnancy Were A Subplot On 24 - 12 comments

02:47 am: My Three-Year-Old Comments On Teaching Methods Before His First Day At Pre-School - 9 comments

11:10 pm: What Not To Name The Baby - 47 comments

09:00 pm: We'll All Be Fine - 20 comments