Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

If I Could Bring Myself To Use The Word "Fangirl" As A Verb, I Would Confess To Fangirling

I've started my new column reviewing series fantasy novels at Black Gate. At some point, a pipeline of review copies will open up from the publishing world, by way of Black Gate's office, to my mailbox, and I'll be reviewing first volumes in new series, with a particular interest in debut novels. It didn't make sense to wait, though, so I've jumped in with a review of the latest installment in one of my favorite long-running series, James Enge's novels of Morlock the Maker. Wrath-Bearing Tree is the second volume in a trilogy that tells Morlock's origin story, A Tournament of Shadows.

This seems like a good time to jubilate publicly again that the Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic anthology will contain a never-before-published James Enge short story. Not that I know when the anthology will come out, but when it does, you guys are all in for a treat.

(Can I just say how much I wish the word series had a plural form? Nitpickers may assert that the word is already plural and has no singular form, but I point to the word people and say that if we can talk about the peoples of the world, we ought to be able to talk about the serieses of novels. I won't. I'll wait patiently for the language to catch up to the world it describes. I'll just kvetch about it quietly from time to time.)

(Oh, and now that I look at the word fangirl, my brain wants to split it incorrectly into fang + irl. Probably my less geeky relatives don't know to split the word as fan + girl. I wonder what fang-irling would consist of? Nothing I've come up with so far serves as an adequate punchline, which is why I'm not a comedy screenwriter. Maybe you've got a hilarious definition to put in comments?)
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