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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

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What Kinds Of Recommended Reading Lists Would You Be Interested In?
School book fairs are weirder than they used to be. I accidentally volunteered to run the book fair for the Montessori preschool Gareth goes to, and it turns out there's a major online component. Who knew?

So for a few days (June 3-7th) after the in-store part (June 2nd), if you use the magic voucher number we got from Barnes & Noble (10770006) with your online purchases, some tiny percentage of the total will go to The Unitarian Montessori School. We could really use it, because the safety codes for school playgrounds just got updated, and now there's a lot of equipment we need to rip out and replace.

I'll be posting some lists of favorite books on each of those four days--lists with observations about why I think each book is cool, as well as the obligatory links to B&N. So, if there's some particular subject or genre you'd like to see me pontificate about, I take requests. Will Pontificate For Playgrounds!

Here are some lists that are kicking around in my head: awesome fantasy novels you've probably never heard of, homeschooling, parenting/child development/early childhood education, and, of course, writing. For each of those lists, there are at least a few regular readers here who really, really want to know more and don't have a starting point. Then there are some lists that would be interesting to me that I assume would have no takers--but maybe my assumptions are wrong. Seriously, would any of you want to know more about Modernist poetry between 1913 and 1963? Because if nobody speaks up for that one, I'm nipping it in the bud.

I'm hoping you guys will recommend some books to me, too. There are a lot of subjects I used to keep up with before I had kids that now I'm totally out of the loop about. I considered putting Paganism on the big list in the last paragraph, but I stopped keeping up with new books about that most of a decade ago. As in, Ronald Hutton's The Triumph of the Moon is still on my To Be Read pile, bumped to the bottom when I was finishing my dissertation, back in that other life I used to live.

Suggest away, dear ones!

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