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Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

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I've been writing this novella about a professional astrologer for an insanely long time. My magnificent husband is giving me this weekend off from the kids so I can finish the manuscript, and I am so, so close. From the first, I've been trying to get the plot to line up in something like real time with the weeks in 2004 when the story happens. The effort has made my head explode.

Now I've discovered a major breakdown in the relationship between the story's chronology and the real-world astrological timing. It's a big screw-up, entirely my own error, and would probably add a couple of weeks, at least, to the time it takes me to finish the manuscript. I'm on the brink of throwing the ephemeris out the window and sticking with the sequence I've got. What kills me about that option is that it's possible to get the details right, and it's even possible for me to get the details right. I'm just not sure what the trade-offs would be in terms of time to completion or story logic if I do.

So, a poll:

How would it affect your experience as a reader of a story about an astrologer if all the astrology was impeccably correct?

That would make the other fantasy elements of the story way more believable and fun for me.
Eh. Maybe it would make the story a little cooler.
I could not possibly care about the real astrological stuff if I tried. Just tell me the frikkin' story.

How would it affect your experience as a reader of a story about an astrologer if all the astrology looked fine on the sentence level, but it was really arbitrary for the author's convenience.

That's lazy writing. If you can get the details right, you should. Laziness mars the story.
Eh. I probably wouldn't notice or think to wonder about it.
Never let the research get in the way of the fun.

Thanks, guys.

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