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Ask Dr. Pretentious
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Friday, September 14th, 2012

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I Will Very Soon Be Needing Beta Readers Who Know The Following Weird Stuff
I need somebody who has worked in New Age retail, to tell me where I got the shop scenes wrong.

I need a mental health professional...now, stop laughing there...to tell me where I got the psychiatrist-shopping scenes wrong.

I need at least one Asatru practitioner with firsthand experience at Seidhr and/or Spae rituals. I'm so nervous about getting the Seidhr scene wrong, I can't seem to finish drafting it. That one scene is the big hangup for the whole manuscript.

I need at least one Asatru practitioner who uses runes for divination. This might be the same Asatru person as above.

I need somebody who knows the Pine Barrens way better than I do on the basis of my handful of day hikes.

As one of my best writing mentors likes to say: We are all ignorant, so the trick is to manage our ignorance.

Beta readers don't need to be writers, themselves. They do, however, need to be people I know in real life. Feel free to contact me by email, or reply here, or whatever. And thank you.

And now to go beat my head against the Seidhr scene some more.

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