December 23rd, 2012

Next Big Thing Meme

Right now is a really fortuitous time for something like the next big thing meme, since I'm finally in a position to start my next big thing, after struggling for five years with the project I finished last month. Besides, I like the next big thing meme so much better than the other things that go around this time of year--influenza, Pinterest craft tutorials, serially regifted fruitcake--that I figured, why not hold forth about my writing plans? Besides, I'm trying to come up with something silent and conducive to the kids falling asleep that I can do while the boys struggle to stay awake for Santa. Yes, they're a day early, but there's no telling them that.

So, ten questions and ten answers:
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Well, that was a long post. I can't believe it's after 11pm and the kids are still fighting over night lights and singing about Santa.