Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

It's Away!

The Faerie-IRS-Meets-Its-Nemesis short story is winging its way to a magazine's slushpile. Short stories don't generally get to have acknowledgments, but maybe they should. A lot of people helped the story along. Here are some of them:

When I wrote this post, csecooney told me I had the start of a short story, and onyxtwilight deluged me with faerie lore, much of which made it into the manuscript. David Sklar and Rachel Young read every draft they could get me to part with, and my old writing group in New Jersey, the Writers of the Weird, workshopped about the first third of the story. Just when I was considering sending the story to a market that didn't pay pro rates, Scott Hungerford insisted that the piece deserved a chance at the big time. Just when I was about to send it out to a big-time market, David Vun Kannon spotted a major flaw, and saved me from sending my manuscript to its first job interview with its shirt on inside out. From first to last, my husband Dan helped me carve out time to write, even when we were in the thick of moving out of a house where we had lived (and piled up stuff) for thirteen years.

In the two years since this story started germinating, so many people lent it their time and feedback, I'm sure to have missed many of them in these acknowledgements. The main things I know are (1) it's probably the best thing I've ever written that's shorter than novella-length, (2) I couldn't have done it alone, and (3) whenever I look it over for last-minute typos, I'm so happy with how it turned out that I just want to run around thanking people.
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