Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Book Launch Party At Lunacon Is Go!

My publisher and the convention programming folks at Lunacon just confirmed that there will definitely be a book launch party for Tales from Rugosa Coven. This is a big deal, in part because Lunacon is not one of the annual events where Dark Quest Books usually hosts a launch party (Thank you, guys!). In order to squeeze it into the press's budget, we're banding together with William Freedman, author of Land that I Love and Mighty Mighty, and probably the editors of The Garden State Speculative Fiction Anthology. Bill Freedman’s a lucky find, someone to share the work and expenses of a launch with, and I haven't read his book yet. I hope the anthology's ready for release on time, because one of the things I miss about living in Jersey is hanging out with the folks from the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers.

You'll like them, too. And the publicist at Dark Quest makes excellent chili. You should totally come to our party.

We'll have free food that is actually real food, along with the usual Dark Quest pastries. (Now I want Neal to start a bakery to go with his press. Quick, name three ominous confections that would  be sold at a shop called Dark Quest Pastries!)

We'll have readings, and raffles of mysterious objects yet to be determined that are entertainingly relevant to our various books. (Amusing suggestions are welcome.) If we're very lucky, we'll also have the pleasure of your company.

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