Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

They Put Me On A Panel With Margot Adler!

I just got a look at my panel schedule for Lunacon, March 14-16, and whoa. When I filled out the webform telling the con programming folks which of their panels I thought I’d make sense on, Paganism in Fantasy Literature was the one I was most certain they’d choose me for.

Nobody told me Margot Adler was coming!

The program’s firming up, so I went to check out what panels I’m on and with whom. There on the screen is a table with names in the left column and everybody’s answers to the why-pick-me question in the right. My answer rambles about Tales from Rugosa Coven, my adventure at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and so on, for several lines.

Margot Adler’s answer is one sentence long, but really, does she need a sentence? She’s Margot Adler.

::whoops, stutters, reexamines own blurb and concludes it’s self-indulgent, admires simplicity of Adler’s one sentence, fangirls at family members who think maybe they’ve heard Adler’s name on NPR::

Tomorrow I’ll post my whole convention schedule. Right now I’m borrowing a cup of internet from my folks, and really it’s time to go home. The Comcast guy’s not coming to install at the new place until Wednesday. So, yes, here I am preparing to launch a book, finally, with a publisher that’s equipped to make it count, and I have to get into the planning and promotion home stretch with no internet connection where I live. It’s been Somewhat Challenging. Then again, if a setback that small were enough to stop me, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Far enough for somebody to think I  belong on a panel with THE Margot Adler. I can’t stop grinning.
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