Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Home From An Excellent, Exhausting Book Launch Weekend

The launch for Tales from Rugosa Coven was great fun, and I gather it was pretty successful in the context of small press. We sold a bunch of copies, people I'd never met asked for my autograph, and everyone enjoyed the party. My fellow Dark Quest Books author, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, was piratical and dramatic while reading her excerpt from Consigned to the Sea. Our partner in party hosting, William Freedman, read a hilarious bit of satire from his new book, Mighty Mighty. Thanks to heroic acts of friendship and child-wrangling on the part of David Sklar and violetmoon25, Dan was even able to get some time off from parent duty to join the festivities.

Oh, and I had the strange and wonderful experience of watching as Margot Adler took notes about something I said at the panel on Paganism and Fantasy Literature. Perhaps tomorrow, when I've had a chance to recover a bit from being ON for three days, bracketed by six-hour drives with young children (the latter of those drives ending with two hours of blinding snow), I'll be able to express what it meant to see her take notes from my comments. Meanwhile, allow me to describe my copy of her book, Drawing Down the Moon. The binding is cracked from the many times I set the book up in a stand so I could type quotations from it into conference talks and seminar papers. It's got at least fifty little tape flags and Post-it Notes ruffling out of the edges. Most pages have at least some small bit of pencilled underlining or marginalia in my scrawly handwriting. Some pages have whole paragraphs of my notions scattered in the margins.

There are so many people to thank for the many things that went so well. I know if I try to thank them all by name right now, I'll miss some. Meanwhile, Thank Everybody!
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