Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Balticon, Bilocation, And Book Review

The revised-but-maybe-not-final draft of my Balticon schedule still has me double-booked, with the two book launches overlapping by an hour, and a panel I’ll have to bow out of if it stays in the same time slot. The rest of my schedule appears to be stable so far. When I hear back from the programming folk with something specific, I’ll post an update here. While we all wait, I’ll try to come up with a good punchline involving bilocation. Aside from pointing out that I’m not a likely candidate for Catholic sainthood, not much is coming to me yet about that particular miracle type.

Meanwhile, The Series Series rolls on at Black Gate, with my review of S.J. Harper’s Cursed. On the upside, Harper’s doing some fairly cool things with some pretty obscure details of Greek mythology, and I did have fun Googling around to see how well the source material was used. On the downside, the book inhabits the paranormal romance subgenre as fully as the cover art might lead you to expect. That’s not a downside for all readers, but it was for me. Maybe it won’t be for you.
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