Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

New Details On Wednesday's Author Chat

It will start at noon Pacific time (not Eastern Standard!) on Wednesday the 29th. Somehow I’d missed that detail, so I hadn’t passed it along. Three time zones makes a world of difference for my logistics. For my fellow East Coast dwellers who have conventional jobs, that means you can check in after work and the party should still be going on.

Gift drawings are apparently customary at these things, so we’re offering a $40 Amazon gift card. Everybody who participates in the chat will be entered in the drawing.

If you RSVP for the chat in advance, as well as participating, you’ll get 25 extra entries for the drawing. I can see why the folks at Bitten by Books do this: The RSVP post just went live today, and there are already 28 people I don’t know who have responded. If you think you might drop by the chat anyway, why not go over and improve your odds for the drawing?

Watch this space on Wednesday for a link to the chat.
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