Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Maybe NOW I'll Get My Superpowers Back

Remember that concussion I had in November, and how I lost my reading speed? It got better for a while, until it started getting worse. And the post-concussion fatigue got better, too, until it became utterly crushing.

And then it occurred to me that fatigue and brain fog were also symptoms of Lyme disease. Which a blood test just confirmed I have. I've probably had it for months.

Rejoice! For there is nothing like a diagnosis that can be acted on.

So now I take a bunch of antibiotics (and carry around an Epi-Pen, and after this morning's little incident get way more vigilant about keeping the kids away from the damn Epi-Pen), and with any luck, I'll get my nervous system fully online again. It's such a lovely nervous system. Comes in handy for writing with, you know.
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