Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Last night, the words "persistent cat on keyboard" got stuck in my head, and I couldn't get to sleep for thinking about the two books that could carry that title. Persistent Cat on Keyboard: The Life and Times of Thelonious Monk was the first, and the second was a children's picture book about housepets who form a garage band. My insomnia latches onto the oddest things.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,760 / 50,000

New words: 637

Current deficit: not thinking about that tonight

Working conditions: Tried to do longhand shift alone, with too late a start, at local B&N. 3 longhand pages, then stuck, then looked at books to prompt brain. Not research, just looking at pictures, honest! Typed longhand stuff into laptop while watching entirety of The Return of the King with Dan, who had thorny debugging problems to get through on a deadline and required the film as opiate to get through project. Couldn't tear myself away from the combination of spouse and Tolkien. The persistent cat eschewed the keyboard.

Not, withal, a stellar writing day.

Tomorrow morning, I have another diagnostic thingy that absolutely, positively has to be done at 6am. How did the medical system fall into the hands of sadistic morning people, is what I want to know!

I'm hoping that, between a morning writing shift at Starbucks with Breva the Axe and the evening write-in with my fellow Nanowrimo cultists, I'll make up a good bit of my deficit.

All those hours of looking at Ukiyo-e prints, history of warfare timelines, and maps of archeological digs of structures that were probably observatories--it did help. Beltresa's conquest of Miaaro starts with a sort of proxy war, when Beltresa and Efa get deadlocked. I'm used to thinking of Efa as it is in the big manuscript, two centuries later than the plot I'm working with now in the prequel. Different dynasties, different pressures. Now I know better what the Efa are about in the 110th year of the Principality. Chapter 3 will get unstuck tomorrow.

Still pining for Clausewitz, though.
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