Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

(Edit: lj is still time-stamping my entries several hours later than I write them. It's not even 3am yet. Sometime when I don't have a houseful of in-laws, at which point I may regain the use of my brain, I'll drop the appropriate people a line about that.)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,625 / 50,000

New words: 2256
Current deficit: 4050 (I'd really like to see that dip below 4K tomorrow.)

Working conditions: Running on 6 hours of sleep today, to synch up with relatives who are morning people. Lovely, if chilly, morning at Bronx Zoo with cousins, contemplating important questions of Beltresin history. That passing reference I make in the big book to the royal palace having a small zoological garden--am I ever going to do anything with that? Apparently, I am, very late in the prequel. In the big book, the commoners have a huge repertoire of animal fables, but I haven't put any in the prequel yet. Who would tell them? The ghost of Stisele's father would, of course. The ghosts don't need to take up stage time relating stories, but it should be one of the things they do, while they make their posthumous efforts to raise their daughter. So now I have a list of fable-worthy animals that would be familiar to Beltresins in the 110s of their calendar reckoning.

Post-zoo, set up in cousin's house, wrote extensive world-building notes. Fun! Once I'm free to slow my pace of production back down, this book is going to get good. I'm starting to see into the world, the way I saw into the big book in the first year I worked on it. I love it when the film of the story plays in my head in all its variations, 24/7, until I'm just choosing which variant to render in prose, rather than having to wrack my brain to fix the puzzle of who did what to whom and why while I'm trying to make the sentences pretty.

Evening typing shift, mostly typing my notes, as notes, into the chapter draft file. On the one hand, it's gimmicky nanowrimo word-count mongering, and yet on the other hand, if I don't type these notes up, they'll just get lost in the mass of longhand stuff I have typed up, and I'll never find this work again. It was labor worth keeping today, in part because all the sentences were the type that shouldn't make it past the first draft stage.
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