Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Dream Sequence

While working on the Nanowrimo ms, I refused to indulge in the word count boosting gimmick of inserting dream sequences. I did, however, have a dream about Nanowrimo that amused me.

I dreamed I was driving at high speed down the New Jersey Turnpike, only it was some awful nightmare version of the Turnpike, more like the Rock Creek Roller Coaster stretch of the Washington Beltway--all sudden dips and swerves, and the turns all graded wrong. I was desperately sleep-deprived and could barely keep my eyes open. Despite my insistent signaling that I needed to pull over, the other cars on the highway kept speeding along and pinned me into the left lane, where there was no shoulder. Finally, I couldn't keep my eyes open one more minute--is there anything more confusing to the sleeping mind than to dream of being sleep deprived and then of falling asleep?--and crashed thunderously into the concrete median barrier. Next thing I knew, I was at a party, saying to all my friends, Wasn't I just in a deadly car wreck? Am I all right? How is it possible nobody was killed? Won't Dan will be furious that I've totaled the car? Etc. But there was only minor fender damage.

When I woke up, my first thought was that this was a cautionary tale about sleep deprivation, and my unconscious mind was telling me to be careful on the road. It took me half an hour to clear my head enough to make the obvious interpretive connections.

Not as good as the dream of the University of Antarctica, and nowhere near as good as the dream of finding a secret door to Beltresa in the basement of my parents' house, but still, very vivid.
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