Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Suspense, Day 4

On Sunday night, I finally did email the Shiny Young Agent to ask if she'd had a chance to look at the full ms. It's been ::counts on fingers:: five months now since she told me she'd received it, and six months since she requested it, so I gather it's not beyond the pale for me to ask.

No answer yet. Maybe I got stuck in her spam filters. Maybe she's awash in work and hasn't had a chance to read my email. Maybe she got the message on Monday, hadn't had a chance to read the ms, and is reading it Right Now, in the hope of giving me a final answer Very Soon. There are hundreds of perfectly good reasons that might explain why she hasn't responded. And it's only been four days. I suspect that, if she had already read far enough to make up her mind and had concluded the Big Book wasn't her cup of tea, she'd have sent a rejection by now. Who would pass up the chance to shrink the office ms pile by 986 pages, when one little form letter could make all 986 of them go away?

My tutoring hours are going fine. I slip into Teacher Mind, and the suspense fades for as long as I have a student in front of me. Priestessing the New Moon circle last night went well, too. But at all other hours of the day, the suspense weighs on me. It must be very difficult to be an agent, to know that one has this kind of effect on other people. I never liked what the Power of the Grade did to my students at the university, and this feels bigger than the Power of the Grade did.

Dan, as usual, displays impressive amounts of good will, and attempts patience, which I press.

I wrote to the end of Ateket's incarceration, forced him to recognize the Terrible Price that had been paid for his release, and sent him home to puzzle over whether the shapeshifters who came to him while he was in solitary confinement were hallucinations. That ought to keep him busy for a while. My three big protagonists want back into my brain, but I have to turn them away while I work on the short book. I miss them all terribly.

There is some risk that I may whine. Please allow me to apologize in advance, in case whining occurs.
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