Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Playing Catch-Up

The stuff I didn't get to while the headache laid me low still needs doing, so I won't be checking my friends list until Monday, and probably won't have time to backtrack then. I hope your invisible weekend treats you well.

I owe catpaw67 another round of notes toward a ritual script for festival. I owe Dan (and the IRS) a neatly organized and annotated stack of receipts for the year's tutoring business expenses. I owe it to the protagonist of the prequel not to leave her hanging by her fingernails, quite literally, over a river in flood. She's been hanging over that river all day while I drove around making tutoring house calls, and her arms are getting tired. Not that things will be much easier for her when she climbs to the top of the pillar of that ruined bridge.
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