Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

A Weekend of Family, an Admission of Falling Behind, and a Request for Advice

I'm back from another whirlwind trip to Maryland. There are a lot of people I owe visits down in MD, people I would have loved to see, but this time Dan and I had to split the weekend between my family, who needed a lot of help with heavy lifting, and Dan's family, who were throwing his sister a baby shower. We'll be an aunt and uncle again sometime in September probably.

Meanwhile, my niece Kate has expanded her repertoire to include titles and proper names. In addition to the usual classics (mommy, daddy, gramma, grampa), she also knows the names of all four of the dogs, and she's no longer so confused about whether she's practicing to grow up human or canine. She can also say me, and seems to have some actual concept of self when she says it. These days, Kate refuses to allow anyone to feed her, insisting on eating only what she can get into her own mouth. When offered applesauce on a spoon, she decided that she preferred feeding it to her father over being fed it or feeding it to herself.

A spoon makes an excellent catapult. Applesauce everywhere. I never saw a man so happy about being covered with baby food.

Alas, what with Even More Travel, I've fallen four days behind on my friends list, so there's no catching up. The only folks I've backtracked for are the ones I knew to be in a state of emergency as of midweek--impending loss of job, precipitous relocation, family member in ICU, that scale of emergency.

It's a good thing I decided precipitous relocation counted as an emergency, or I might not have found out from awritersweekend that annathepiper's life partner solarbird was hit by a car and is in the ICU. Anna's inviting good wishes and prayers from anyone who feels so motivated. So, a question for those of you who are both witchy and medically knowledgeable: how would you go about designing a healing working for a person with a skull fracture?
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