Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Free to Good Home, with Optional Bonus Temporary Houseguest

Things continue not to go well between our elder cat and our new cat. If somebody I actually know, who I can actually be confident will do right by the new cat, offers to take him, I am prepared to drive this animal as far north as Boston, as far south as D.C., or as far west as Pittsburgh to deliver him into good hands. (I owe visits in all those directions, anyway.)

Wendel is a clever, charming, playful, healthy, affectionate year-old cat with handsome tuxedo markings. He's fixed and vaccinated, housebroken, and accustomed to living exclusively indoors. The name the animal rescue people gave him rhymes gratifyingly with Grendel (and, for the very geeky, Earendel). He has a trivial flaw, which is that he still likes to jump on the kitchen counters if he thinks we aren't watching or don't have the spray bottle. He has one other flaw that could be trivial for you, but which is crucial for us: He must be the only cat in his household. Not just the dominant cat. The only cat. He's been with us for almost three months. Sonia's been with us for 6 years, and she's sick of cowering in terror under the couch.

We would really, really like to put him directly into a household rather than an animal rescue organization's care, and we hope not to have to resort to advertising him to strangers on the web. Even if you're only tentatively interested, please let me know within the next week.
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