Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Mother Courage And Her Fanatics

Looks like this Friday will be my last and only chance to see Tony Kushner's new translation of Mother Courage. Oh, and yeah, this production's got Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in it, but you can see them on your television any old time. I'm talking about Brecht by way of Kushner, being performed out loud by live humans.

Anybody want to meet me in Central Park, ungodly early, to line up for free tickets? I've been advised that arriving at 7am to line up for the box office's opening at 1pm is the standard way to go about this. How I'm going to haul my little night owl self to Manhattan by 7am is kind of a mystery at this point, but hey, Brecht! Kushner!

Any friendly denizens of NYC who feel like waiting in line on my behalf will be regarded as bodhisattvas. Well, bodhisattvas are rare. Any friendly New Yorkers who feel like dropping by to hang out while I wait in line for hours will be greeted cheerfully--jubilantly, if you bring me coffee. Sardonic friends who come to goggle at the spectacle of Dr. Pretentious awake and out of the house before 10am will be forgiven, because it is an unlikely sight, if not an actual sign of the apocalypse.

tokeiwakamidesu, we were thinking of meeting up again before you head back west. I don't know when you fly, but I probably won't have another chance to get into the city before October.

Can't make the timing work after all. Damn and blast. See subsequent post. Anyhow, thank you to folks who offered to help me out.
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