Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

A Change of Plans and a Buried Lead

It turns out my grandfather's memorial service is now going to be on Saturday, not Sunday, which means I will be spending Friday driving to Forestport, rather than seeing Mother Courage in Central Park. Yes, my grandfather died back in June, which is rather a long time to wait--he'd expressed a preference for cremation followed by burial, but not for where he'd like to be buried, and it took my grandmother a while to figure out whether the grave should be in the city where he lived for 30 years, or in his hometown. The hometown won out.

It's the kind of thing I wouldn't want to bail out on, even if I could.

So there's only one thing to do about Brecht: the minute the Kushner translation is available in book form, I'll get a bunch of copies and host a stage reading in my living room, with booze and sock puppets for everyone.

Oh, and the buried lead?

You may remember how the pitch sessions went well at Writer's Weekend, and a Much-Vaunted Agent requested a 100-page partial ms (the usual sample length people ask for is 30 pages).

Her assistant just emailed me to ask for a short bio and a synopsis of the whole novel. I'm really glad the revisions to the Big Book are done. If she likes the synopsis and bio enough to request the full ms, it's ready to go.
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