Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Not a Prolonged Case of the Sullens. Something Entirely Different.

Sorry I've been incommunicado for the past 3 days. Chalk it up to divine intervention. My gods have a sense of humor.

The first time it happened, it was like this:

Around Christmas in 2001, when my dissertation defense was already scheduled for March, and the diss was nowhere near done, and economic necessity had just compelled me to agree to start a 60 hour/week teaching job in January, I mapped out my teaching schedule. And resorted immediately to prayer, because it was obvious that work alone was not going to get me to that defense date. I asked the gods, the elements, whoever felt like listening, for guidance. How could I possibly make it all fit into the time I had? Then I went into the living room and turned on the television to numb my apprehension by watching the dog shows on Animal Planet. Nothing like half an hour of happy, wagging working dogs to make work look like a happy, wagging prospect. Before the picture had even cleared, a loud pop sounded in the back of the tv set, and the picture shrank to a brief point of light. Well, that answered that. Guidance and a good laugh. When Dan came home from work, he was a little irked that I insisted we not replace the tv until I'd submitted the last chapter draft to my committee, but I figured, if we put the gods to the trouble of speaking twice, they might decide to speak more loudly the second time.

And they were right. I don't require of my gods that they be all-wise, all-good, or all-powerful, but if they're going to take the extreme step of breaking major appliances, I can only hope the results turn out well. The first time, the results were impeccable.

Back to the past 3 incommunicado days.

I lamented to Dan that I was having trouble protecting my writing time from my lj addiction. Maybe it's not an addiction, he said. After all, teaching writing has slowed my reading speed way down, and my unnaturally long attention span means I don't get restless with a task until I've been at it for at least four hours. A long attention span does not an addiction make, and why should I be so hard on myself? Wasn't the egg timer working? Well, no, the egg timer wasn't working, and I missed my evening writing shift. The morning writing shift wasn't getting me to the end of the revisions fast enough. I was bound and determined to have the revisions done before June in Seattle.

Dan's advice was very kind, but I asked the greater cosmos for a second opinion.

That evening, our internet access konked out. Comcast had a service outage that knocked out our whole town. And my computer's power supply started cutting out intermittently without warning. I can take a hint. Really, no need for more hints, O Universe!

So, now that Comcast's back up, I'm just writing to say I'm taking a break from lj for a bit. Email, yes, blogs no, probably until my tutoring schedule shifts in the last week of April. I'll be watching for cat-related replies, but that'll be it.
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