Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Yule Plans Are Still On

A lot of folks have been calling and emailing to ask if we're still hosting Yule on Saturday. Yes, absolutely. All through this hard week, Dan and I have been working on the theory that, no matter how things went for George, a lot of people in the community would feel the need to be together. Goodness knows, we do.

Clover Coven's Yule celebration will be held as planned at our house tomorrow, starting at 3pm. Sunset is at 4:32, so we plan to begin the ritual proper when it gets dark, around 5pm, after which there will be feasting, wassailing, singing, etc., until people feel like going home. Given our community's recent loss, Dan and I realize that people may not feel like going home for a good long time. We'll have enough firewood to keep the chiminea going all night, just in case.

Members of the Blue Star community from out of town who are coming to Jersey for the memorial on Sunday will be very welcome at our Yule on Saturday. Although our house is a lot smaller than Turtle Hill, we figure we'll work out whatever arises. A heads-up before you arrive and a potluck thing for feast would be cool, but are not necessary. Children are welcome, and the ritual will be child-friendly, but we do not have a sitter lined up, and our house is not childproofed.

If you RSVP'd that you were coming to Yule, but now you find that you're just not up to it, no worries. If you committed to bring a particular dish for feast, please drop us a line if you can, so that we can cover the gap. Needing to be alone is just as valid as needing to be in community. If you don't have time to drop us a line, or even if you only discover as you're turning your car onto our street that you need to be somewhere else, that is okay, too. Be kind to yourselves.

And now for the weird request: Does anyone who's coming to Yule have a twig of rowan we could burn? We've got the rest of the Nine Woods covered, but the university arboretum's lone rowan specimen blew down in a storm last spring, and I was only able to confer with the arboretum's curator today to find out why I couldn't find the tree. Rowan (sorbus aucuparia) is not native to North America, and it likes a colder climate than most of New Jersey has, so it's hard to find. If nobody has any rowan, I won't stress about it. The important thing is that Yule will still happen, and the Wheel of the Year will still turn.
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