Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Priestessly Open Office Hours, December 26th

I've been wanting for some time to come help out the DC and Baltimore area Blue Star folks. At long last, I know when I will have time off from the round of family holiday things to give some time to the Pagan community on this trip.

Anyone who wants to talk about the Blue Star tradition of Wicca is welcome to find me between noon and 6pm on Tuesday, December 26th, at the Starbucks/Barnes & Noble at Montrose Crossing, where Montrose Road intersects with Rockville Pike. Feel free to drop by at any time during those hours. I will do my best to bring my brain, so that it can be available for picking.

Admittedly, the site does limit the possibility of ritual demonstration, but it has the advantage of providing food that none of us has to cook and space that none of us has to clean. With so many of us having to balance our own Yule celebrations with various other kinds of familial holiday obligations, I figured a public meeting place would be least stressful for everyone, even if Rockville Pike traffic on December 26th can be daunting.

If you want to let me know that you're coming, or when, feel free to reply here, but no RSVP is necessary. I'm thinking of this time as open office hours. If I have some stretches to myself, I'll get some writing done. If there's non-stop conversation, that'll be great, too.

I don't have access to the DC area Blue Star email list. If someone who does have that access could repost this information there, I would take it as a great kindness.
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