Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Baby Pictures!

Dan has updated the photo gallery. It's still a bit of a jumble, with the Malibu Gravid Barbie pictures mixed in among the hospital week pictures. Here are the best of the batch. In roughly chronological order:

Our first sight of Gareth in the operating room

Dan holds Gareth's hand in the nursery while they wait for me to come out of surgery

What a person looks like who has just been through 34 hours of labor and a c-section when she finally gets to hold her baby

Two days later, we're up and about with the baby sling, albeit well medicated and somewhat disheveled

Father and son, conversing

Gareth with his grandma

And now I'm going to try to follow that classic advice about sleeping when the baby sleeps.
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